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Strategies on the pre-flop

A good poker player player plans his strategy from the beginning of the game, even before the flop. But, how do we do this? To establish a good strategy during this first betting round you must take into consideration a series of elements: the cards in your hand, the amount of players in the hand, the amount of chips that you have, your position on the table and your knowledge about your opponents' behaviour.

Don’t forget that you must be aggressive if you have a good hand. You must always take advantage of a good hand and bet high in order to get rid of as many players as possible, forcing them to fold and not giving them any chance to improve their hands.

Don't be afraid to squeeze your opponent if your cards are A♦A♣, K♦K♣ or Q♦Q♣, because these are the best combinations that you may have in poker regardless of your position on the table. Make a good start and bet strong from the beginning.

Being aggressive on the pre-flop

Likewise, you should never be afraid of folding if you have a weak hand. Remember that to win in the poker table you must have good hands.

Always take into consideration the amount of players playing a hand. You have better chances of taking the pot when there are fewer players involved in the game. This is why it is important to be aggressive and bet strong if you have good cards, since a player with weak hands will most likely fold and not pay your high bet.

It is also important to keep track of the amount of chips that you have since this will determine your game. If you have a high stack, you will have enough resources to play your intelligently. Moreover, a high stack will allow you to bluff with much more comfort.

It is worth stating again that the position held on the table is of high importance. Remember that there are positions where you will have certain advantages over other players, such as the Cut-off or Dealer positions, since these are latest positions. The first players to speak will have no feedback on the possible hands of other players. If you find yourself in these early positions we recommend reducing your bets unless you have an extremily good hand.

If other players have made bets before your turn never just call if you have a good hand. If you do call because you have cards such as A♦J♣ or K♦Q♣ and another player increases the bet by a significant amount, we would recommend that you consider folding, since it is quite likely that he has a higher pair than yours.

Playing the role of the Table Bully

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