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Table Position in Poker

In poker, your position in the table plays a key role in your strategy against other players. The expression Position is Power was never so suited as it is in this game.

The dealer is the best position in a poker hand

Player position in a poker table is defined according to the Dealer's position. This role is also known as button or croupier. The first one to bet is the player sitting right to the Dealer’s left. This player must place the Small Blind, followed by the next player on the left, who will place the Big blind. After these two players have made their move it’s time for players located in the early positions, the intermediates, located right in front of the Dealer and then the late positions, to the Dealer’s right.

It is important to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each of the positions, since during a poker game positions rotate, and we will eventually find ourselves occupying every position.

Without a doubt the most disadvantaged position is that of the player that opens betting round, since he has not had a chance to gather any information on his opponents.

If you are located left to the immediate left of the Big Blind, you are said to be Under the gun (UTG), and you will be the player to open the game. When you are in this position our odvice is to bet if you hold strong cards such as AA, KK, QQ or AK; otherwise, you should fold after the first round if a raise was made.

Your position is a key element when setting your poker strategy

Same technique should be applicable for early and intermediate positions, where you should keep a close eye on pre-flop raises.

On the other hand, players in late positions will have the most information when it comes their turn to bet. This position is called the Cut-off (CUT), and it belongs to the Dealer role or to the player located right before it. While in this position, you will already know before betting how many players remain in the hand, how they have played, their reaction after seeing their cards and their bets.

But do not be over-confident this position: you should always be paying attention in order to make good use of the advantages offered by this position to bluff or steal the pot.

The small blind (SB) and the Big Blind (BB) are the most tricky positions on the first round because these are the last ones to "speak". In that case, you will have to make up for the disadvantage of having to play the mandatory bets.

In further rounds, however, the SB and BB positions will be the first ones to make a move, so if you are in these positions you will not have any clue about what cards may your opponents have.

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