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Flop or Post-flop

If you have a good start during the Pre-Flop, continue the trend during the Flop. This approach will guarantee a consistent strategy throughout the game and, consequently, will give you more possibilities of winning good pots.

poker game on the flop

During the Flop, once the first three community cards have been displayed, you will be able to bet again. Depending on your cards, you will decide whether to take an aggressive or a passive approach.

You must increase your bets if you get a high pair plus a high kicker on the Flop1. That way you may lower your opponents' self-confidence while increasing the size of the pot.

Same action should be taken if you can make two high pairs, but don't be overconfident, specially if you are not using the highest cards on the table. Pay attention to your opponents: if they make a re-raise it is likely that they have a higher hand.

It is also recommended to raise on the Flop if you have the chance to make three of a kind using either one or both your private cards, or if you can make straight.

If, on the other hand, you cannot make a good combination from the Flop but you have two high cards in your hands, you may call in case you already started raising during the pre-flop. Still, if a player raises a considerable amount, you should fold straight away because your odds will be quite limited on the turn and on the river.

Take it easy and slow play2 if you have a full house or a straight.

Relevance of your position on the flop

Never forget your position on the table. As on the pre-flop, it is again a key element. Note that positions change with respect to the pre-flop, particularly the Small Blind. The Small Blind is no longer a late position but the first to speak.

If you are the Small Blind, you must always remember that the situation will be different from the pre-Flop, since now there are three community cards on the table and no bets have been made yet. At this point your bet wull be taken more seriously by the rest of the players, since now you have more information about them than at the beginning, and they know that.

Without a doubt, the player with the best position on the Flop is the Dealer, being the last one to play. As the Dealer you will have more chances of bluffing since you have been able to read your opponents.

An amazing Bluff

Never forget that bluffing is more efficient when you are in a late position. It would be risky to do so in the early positions since you have not had a chance to gather information on the other players.

Remember if you have a strong hand, you must raise your bet on the Flop. Be cautious if you do not have good cards and take advantage of your position on the table to bluff.

1. The kicker determines the winner in the event of a tie. See the cards combinations for more information.
2. Slow playing (also sandbagging or trapping) is a strategy by which a player with a strong hand starts betting weakly or passively in order to deceive his/her opponents. It is the opposite of bluffing.

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