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Playing an Ace-King

The Ace-King, A♥ K♠, is considered a very good hand in Texas Hold’em Poker. Having an Ace–King of the same suit increases the value of these first cards. But we cannot forget that for this combination to remain strong after the flop we must find good cards in the community cards, and that this doesn’t happen as often as we would like it to.

If these are the cards that we are handed at the beginning of the game we must be careful and not overvalue are cards and at the same time attempt to take control during the pre-flop, if this fails and we don’t get good cards on the flop or are located on the firsts positions our best course of action is to fold and look forward to a better hand next round.

Strategy for playing an AK

We should always keep in mind that we shall never play the A♥ K♠ when there are many other players on the table, as said above we must try to gain control by increasing or raising bets and force as many players as we can from the game to be left on the hand with only one other player. These are our suggestions:

Conoce los riesgos de jugar con AK

A final advice for this hand is to be as aggressive as you can in Pre–Flop betting round, action that may lead to only you and other player be left in the hand. If we do achieve our goal we could simply make a continuation bet of at least three fourths of the pot to win this hand.

In the event that your opponent doesn’t fold to this action, we could still have an option to see the Turn.

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