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Player Profile

Player profile

Besides knowing the rules and strategies of poker, one of the most important elements that you should understand and control is the different types of players that you may be playing against. This will help you identify their play style, which are the hands they most trust upon, how much they bet and when they usually do it.

Likewise, this will help you define your player profile, based on your particular character and your objectives.

A passive or tight player

The slogan for the tight player could very well be To live happy is to be hidden. This type of player hardly bets unless his cards are extremely good and he will most likely fold straight away after getting a weak hand. The best way of beating them is simply by betting against them since they are quite predictable and will fold most of the times.

The solid player

This is very discreet kind of player, usually endowed with a high intuition to detect those situations that most work for him. Similar to the Tight player, he usually plays very few hands, and is always aware of the value of his cards.

You must be very careful with this type of player at first. However, once you gather their particular style, it is easy to attack them since they are generally rational and predictable.

The "Calling Station" player

Theis is the worst kind of all: they play almost every hand, calling a lot and barely raising the bets. They rarely take the initiative and play many chances to luck.

Our advice is to bet against them every time you have good cards, since these players will often call even with weak hands.

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The loose player

The loose player is an impulsive one and often plays too many hands even with weak cards. Still he is not as extreme as the "Calling Station" profile. They tend to be passive and/or call frequently, their true problem being a certain unawareness of their position as well as of the value of the cards, hence they lose frequently.

Your strategy against this player profile is to bet strong when possible and not trying to bluff.

The Maniac

This would be an aggressive loose player. They can become a real nightmare during a poker game since they call any bet: they have no fear and take big risks.

These types of players are easily identified by their tendency to bet strong all the time, even when they have no cards. Do not trust them, just be patient when finding yourself before these players and limit yourself to calling exclusively with good hands.

Some tips for beginners

In poker you will deal with multiple profiles simply because you will always meet different and new situations. Let experience tell you what your most suitable profile is in every situation, and always bear in mind the pros and cons of each one.

Tight, solid, calling station, loose or maniac? You decide which kind of player you want to be and which one will allow you to win each hand.

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