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Check and Raise

The check and raise strategy

Check and Raise is another strategy that you should familiarize yourself with if you want to win the game by confusing your opponents. Controlling this technique will also allow you to defend yourself when others use it against you.

If you want to reduce your losses and have an advantage you must use this strategy, which consists in nothing more than setting a trap for your opponents. It is not only geared to eliminate them but also to lead them to make mistakes by raising doubts about what your real cards are.

How to do a check and raise?

Check and Raise is very simple. You just have to check on the first round to encourage your opponents to bet, with the only intention of making a raise yourself on the next round. Your following raise should be high enough in order to ensure the expected effect.

This is basically the trick. After your big raise the following player will probably believe that now you have got a good hand. This deception will give you a psychological advantage over your opponent. If he has a weak or an average hand, that will be enough to make him fold. But if, on the contrary, he answers by re-raising your raise, chances are that he may actually be holding a strong hand.

On the next round you should stick to this strategy if you have decent cards, but remember to always be cautious, because you may be the one walking into the ambush. You have the option to check just to read your opponents reactions. If he goes for a re-raise, then it is time for you to fold since he will most probably have a better hand than you do.

Use the check and raise strategy

When should we use the check and raise?

We do not recommend the use of this strategy at all times. This should only be attempted under very special circumstances, otherwise you can eventually end up playing against your own interests. Let's see how:

Consequently, we advise you to just use this strategy under the following circumstances:

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