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Welcome to!

Let’s take a tour through the basic steps you’ll need to know about the poker game.
Everyone begins with 5100 chips and everyday you check back, you’ll get up to 3000 more chips for free!
Let’s start with the lobby.

1. The lobby

The lobby is your entry point to the poker game; it displays all the tables and all the different types of poker games. (1)

But don’t worry, if you are lost, just click on the “play now” (2) button, and we’ll sit you down at a table.

If you run out of chips, come back here and just click on the big red “Get Chips!” (3) button in the top right corner.

The Lobby

2. Tables’s tables are similar to all the real poker tables. But if you need a brush up of the rules of the game, check out our poker Hands page.

The Table

3. Player profile

Click on your avatar, and you’ll access your player profile.

This is where you can change your picture; and keep track of how many hands you’ve played, your best ever hand, change your password etc…

Player Profile

4. Achievements

Within your player profile, the achievements part shows displays your playing experience, and shows how good of a player you have become.

Be sure to check back here often to keep track of your evolution.


5. Buy a drink / gift

This is social poker! Meaning it’s made out to be more fun than ordinary poker. If you beat another player, just click on his avatar, that way you can buy him a gift to cheer him up!

If you are really playing well, you can also buy a gift for the whole table!

gift shop

Good luck and remember, don’t overplay King Jack!

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